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All in one clinic w/ Chiropractic Neurology & Manipulation, Acupuncture, Massage Therapy, Rehabilitation, and Nutritional support.

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Dr. Kim Health Care can Treat

Auto Accident Injury and Whiplash

At Dr. Kim Health Care, we perform a myriad of treatments and techniques to heal the damaged tissues. The treatment methods include, but not limited to, Functional neurological treatment, Chiropractic manipulation, Therapeutic modalities (laser therapy, TENS, EMS, ultrasound, hot pack, hydro-massage, air massage, cervical-lumbar traction, & inter-segmental traction), Massage, and Acupuncture.


Neck Pain
Leg Pain

Disc Problem
Elbow Pain
Hip Pain

Lower Back Pain
Shoulder Pain
Arm Pain
Knee Pain


  • STEP 1
    Call 911 immediately

  • STEP 2
    Take pictures/videos of the accident scene

  • STEP 3
    Exchange information: Get names, address, and insurance information from the other driver

  • STEP 4
    Never admit fault before talking to an attorney

  • STEP 5
    Call the insurance company It is imperative that you report your accident to your insurance company

  • STEP 6
    Get Medical Attention
    Absolutely the most important asset to look after car collision is your health.
    You should see the doctor even if you don’t feel any level of pain or discomfort.
    It is very crucial to receive treatments from the most advanced auto accident injury care clinic in the field!

  • STEP 7
    We will provide you with a reputable personal injury attorney.
    It is highly likely that you will be involved in a lawsuit; a lawyer will protect your rights and help acquire proper financial compensation.
    It is very crucial to work with dedicated lawyers in the field!


Acupuncture involves the insertion of very thin needles through your skin at strategic meridian points on your body and most commonly used to treat pain.


Chiropractic is essential not only in temporary pain treatment but also in pain prevention and maintenance of a healthy body condition.


Studies continue to prove medical, physical and emotional benefits of massage therapy even in one session.

8-body type

The 8-body type constitution is justified as the specific characteristics, traits, and tendencies that are unique to one’s body.

Dr. Jung Bum Kim DC

To elevate the quality of the human body and contribute to the overall well-being of health by dedicating exceptional care and service to all patients.

At Dr. Kim Health Care, we take pride in our all-in-one (location) treatment and recovery plan that consists of Functional neurologic treatment, Chiropractic manipulation, Therapeutic modalities (laser therapy, tens, ems, ultrasound, hot pack, hydromassage, air massage, cervical-lumbar traction, and intersegmental traction), Massage, and Acupuncture(traditional & 8CM acupuncture).

Not only do I wish to continue to prevent and treat illnesses through Dr. Kim Health Care, but also I wish for a healthy life for all humanity.

Dr. Kim Health Care



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