Colonotonia constitution is configured in a way in which the large intestine is the strongest, meaning that the other organs are greatly influenced by the large intestine. Out of the 5 solid and 5 hollow organs, this constitution embodies the strongest large intestine and the weakest gallbladder. This is evident in X-rays, where the large intestine appears to be very large and lengthy.

All diseases are caused by either of the two choices: 1) when the large intestine becomes strengthened, or 2) when the weak gallbladder becomes weakened. The strengthening and weakening of the large intestine and gallbladder influence the other organs to function abnormally, leading to the rise of all types of diseases.

Organ Configuration (in the order of energy magnitude):
Large Intestine >Bladder >Stomach >Small Intestine >Gallbladder
5 > 4 > 3 > 2 > 1 (Energy Magnitude)

Body Form and Characteristics:
People of the Colonotonia constitution tend to retain a darker shade of skin color than people of the Pulmotonia constitution. People of this constitution retain the greatest leadership, boldness, and momentum compared to all other constitutions. Additionally, people of this constitution are often not conscious of other peoples’ gazes and judgments. Commonly, people of this constitution are misconceived as being of Renotonia or Vesicotonia constitutions due to the numerous characteristics that the three constitutions share. People of this constitution retain a strong desire for alcohol and will become depressed if they cannot drink (tend to eat land meats as a complement to their drinks). Individuals of the Colonotonia constitution tend to become violent and angry if they regularly consume land meats as their meals. Ironically enough, the same people are often very calm and peaceful if they consume vegetables as their primary diet. Although holding their anger is not much of a threat to their bodies, lashing out anger will exhaust a great amount of energy in their livers (therefore worsening their health). Depending on the constitutions of their parents, the characteristics of the children will vary drastically. In the case that the parents are of Hepatonia and Colonotonia constitutions, a child will possess a very slow personality. In contrast, a child of parents with Pulmotonia and Colonotonia (or Pancreotonia and Colonotonia) constitutions will resemble a fickle and short-tempered personality.

For a person of this constitution, no medicine has any effect and activities/exercises (sauna & sun tanning) that require excessive sweating must be avoided. However, swimming serves to be a wonderful exercise as doing so will cool off one’s body heat. When a person of this constitution experiences a cold, the best remedy is to rest. In regard to exercising, it is recommended that a person focuses on the lower body exercises rather than the upper body.

Optimal Foods (normalize the strong large intestines):
Egg whites, majority of saltwater fish, shellfish, ocean fish (with scales), ocean fish (w/o scales), swell fish, pea, kidney bean, red bean, rice (white), buckwheat, mung bean, Millet (SetariaItalica), crushed rice, Campbell early, grapes, strawberry, banana, pineapple, kiwi, blueberry, persimmon, cherry, apricot, quince, Dextrose injection, Dextrose powder, cold drinking water, quince tea, ice, and Acidic beverage.

● All types of shellfish serve to normalize the strengthened large intestine.
● Multigrain rice made of white rice and buckwheat is very beneficial.
● Consuming foods that are 100% of buckwheat (buckwheat noodles and jelly) will benefit the stomach and intestines.
● All green vegetables (lettuce, cabbage, etc.) are beneficial to one’s health.
● When making Kimchi, it is most optimal to not include any garlic.
● Green juice is an optimal invigorating energizer.
● Cucumbers are wonderful in curing constipation.
● Plum is a beneficial fruit.
● Dextrose injection serves as an optimal invigorating energizer.
● Chitosan is a wonderful medicine for a person of this constitution.
● Pine leaf tea is wonderful in alleviating symptoms of inflammatory diseases.

Harmful foods and Accessories (strengthen the strong large intestines):
Beef, pork, chicken, lamb, goat, duck, poultry, milk, dairy products, butter, cheese, egg whites, freshwater fish, oyster, bean, soybean, fermented soybean (natto), almond, peanut, cashew, pistachios, walnut, pine nut, acorn, brown rice, African/Indian millet, flour, Job’s tears, oat, perilla oil, sesame oil, soy oil, root vegetables (radish, carrot, lotus root, burdock, etc.), potato, sweet potato, beet, DioscoreaOpposita, Chinese bellflower, taro, codonopsis, perilla leaf, pumpkin, mushrooms (matsutake, shiitake, oyster, etc.), garlic, sugar, apple, pear, watermelon, melon, pomegranate, ginseng, red ginseng, antlers of the deer, honey, jujube, Chinese matrimony vine, Root of ranunculaceae, Reishi mushroom, Phellinus linteus (Aoshima), yuzu, Japanese apricot, Schisandra chinensis, Cornus officinalis, arrowroot, Vitamins (A, C, & D), caffeinated drinks (coffee & tea), chrysanthemum tea, jujube tea, adlay tea, Ssang Hwa tea, ginseng tea, Alkaline drinks, soda, smoking, alcohol (whiskey, vodka, unfiltered Korean rice sake, and soju), gold, silver, and jade.

● Consuming alcohol and smoking are very lethal to one’s health.
● All land meats (beef, pork, chicken, poultry, goat, lamb, deer, duck), freshwater fish, and egg yolk are very harmful to one’s health (cause for all diseases). When consumed too much, these meats strengthen the strong large intestines and inhibit blood circulation. Additionally, a person of this constitution will be extremely
sensitive after consuming land meats.
● Dairy products including milk are very harmful.
● A common side effect of consuming flour is arthritis.

Foods that are harmful when consumed too much:
Shrimp, crab, sweet rice, barley, corn, seaweed, corn oil, canola oil, olive oil, grapeseed oil, ginger, stems of radish, spinach, Allium tuberosum, zucchini, eggplant, tomato, avocado, peppers (spicy & hot), scallion, onion, ginger, cinnamon, mustard, curry, seaweed, clementine, orange, grapefruit, lemon, lime, papaya, cranberry, plum, aloe, Vitamins (B & E), green tea, ginger tea, warm drinking water, cocoa (chocolate), and alcohol (beer, wine, sake, and soju).

Optimal: Exercises such as swimming (cold) and walking that do not require excessive sweating (breathing exercise: exhaling).
Harmful: Sauna, sun tanning, and hiking (in dense forest).

Optimal Occupations:
Although their excellent intuition, ambition, and governing abilities have led to the rise of marvelous politicians across the world, they may just as well become tyrants by consuming land meat regularly. This constitution embodies excellent creativity and a strong heart that is not easily excited, resulting in the likelihood of talented artists (Picasso) and marathon runners being of Colonotonia constitution. Due to their wonderful hearing ability, people of this constitution are also excellent in language skills. Occupations that fit within this constitution include politicians, soldiers, and painters.

Ideal Marriage Partner:
The ideal marriage partner constitutions are listed out in the order of the most compatible: Cholecystonia, Pancreotonia, and Hepatonia. When a person of this constitution is with an individual of the Cholecystonia constitution, he or she will experience the greatest comfort and relaxation.

Heredity (Incurable Disease in Children):
In the case that both parents are of Colonotonia constitution, it is likely that the child will acquire muscular dystrophy.

Optimal Colors:
Optimal colors for Colonotonia constitution are blue and yellow colors, while black and white colors are harmful. When observing the artworks by the artist Vincent van Gogh, it is evident that he utilizes the yellow color extensively throughout his paintings. It is said that because he dislikes dark and gloomy colors, he attempted to use the yellow color to calm down his excitement. Vincent van Gogh, then, can be thought of as a very creative and stubborn individual of the Colonotonia constitution.

Alcohol Use:
This constitution possesses the largest number of heavy drinkers. Due to their artistic tendencies, people of this constitution will become heavy drinkers if they continue to alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety with alcohol. Because the liver function will be influenced by a person who gets angry after drinking, one must refrain from drinking. It is recommended that a person of this constitution drinks Ogapi Liquor or wine while refraining from consuming land meats as a complementary side. The best meal for alcohol detoxification is clam soup.

When a person of this constitution repetitively consumes land meats and consequently gets angry, the right side of his or her body becomes weak and helpless. Though it is not a stroke, one may experience Myasthenia gravis or powerlessness on one side of the body due to consecutive land meat consumption. For the Colonotonia constitution, diseases such as progressive muscular atrophy are common (occurring due to overconsumption of land meats, a prolonged lash of anger, and consistent consumption of Chinese medicine consisting of antlers of the deer). If an individual completely stops the consumption of land meats, lash of anger, and Chinese medicine, such diseases could be cured by adhering to an optimal diet that is compatible with the Colonotonia constitution.

With prolonged and consistent consumption of land meats, an individual of this constitution will acquire Parkinson’s disease, powerlessness on one side of the body, glaucoma, cirrhosis, dementia, shrinkage in the cerebellum, and other disease-like cerebral nerve disorders. In contrast to the people of Pulmotonia constitution, people of Colonotonia constitution tend to not acquire Atopic dermatitis.

It is common for an individual of this constitution to acquire nasal diseases. Due to allergies, a person may experience a runny nose and itchiness that could be cured by abstaining from land meat consumption. In the case of children, giving an enema will calm down their high fever. If a person of this constitution who experiences heat cold or a child who experiences symptoms of Stomatitis or otitis media utilize antibiotics, it is highly likely that Tinnitus and hearing loss could occur. When a person with Colonotonia catches a cold after drinking milk, nasal diseases and ear diseases are likely to occur.