Dr. Jung Bum Kim BA, BS, DC

Clinic Director

With countless treatment methods, Dr. Kim dedicates his entire career to his compassion in servicing and treating patients of divergent diseases and injuries. With his efforts amplified by his professional staff members, Dr. Kim Health Care provides exceptional quality care to the patients. Dr. Kim Health Care’s all-in-one plan is truly none like others.

Speciality Chiropractic manipulation
Clinical neuroscience practitioner
8 Body type test
Education Graduated Chiropractic College of Life Unversity
Graduated Physical Therapy college of Catholic University
Graduated Therapeutic Education College of Daegu University
Experience Former director of Life chiropractic clinic
Former chiropractic director of Songun medical clinic
Former director of Grace chiropractic clinic
Former vice president of Chiro medical center
Former adjunctive professor of the graduate school of Daegu University
Eight body type constitution
Chiropractic neurology
Applied kinesiology
Clinical nutrition therapy
Student of College of Medicine of University of Science, Art, and Technology