Our Mission, Vision & Values

“To elevate the quality of the human body and contribute to the overall well-being of health by dedicating exceptional care and service to all patients.”

At Dr. Kim Health Care, we take pride in our all-in-one (location) treatment and recovery plan that consists of Functional neurologic treatment, Chiropractic manipulation, Therapeutic modalities (laser therapy, tens, ems, ultrasound, hot pack, hydromassage, air massage, cervical-lumbar traction, and intersegmental traction), Massage, and Acupuncture (traditional &8CM acupuncture). Dr. Jung B. Kim has over 27 years of Chiropractic experience as a practitioner and retains exceptional knowledge in 8 body type constitution, Applied Kinesiology, Physical Therapy, and Chiropractic Neurology. Due to his vast perspective in treatment methods and insights into the fundamentals for optimal health, Dr. Kim Health Care successfully treats patients via diverse approaches that include Chiropractic Services, Therapeutic modalities, remedial massage, Nutritional therapy, and acupuncture. Predominant patient symptoms include headache (neuromuscular tension), migraine headache, neck pain, low back pain, Sciatica, knee pain, frozen shoulder, shoulder pain, disc herniation, injuries from automobile accidents, etc.

An essential distinction for Dr. Kim Health Care from other clinics is its application of the 8 Body Type Constitution Medicine (8CM), which utilizes different treatments for the same disease as different body types embody contrasting etiology and pathology of the same condition. During the initial treatment session, a patient will be diagnosed with a body type (out of 8) that entails a unique treatment plan, nutrition plan, and lifestyle recommendations for a healthier body and self. The 8CM also includes the Eight Body Type Constitution-Acupuncture (unique to each body type) and traditional acupuncture methods to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of our treatments.

With countless treatment methods, Dr. Kim dedicates his entire career to his compassion in servicing and treating patients of divergent diseases and injuries. With his efforts amplified by his professional staff members, Dr. Kim Health Care provides exceptional quality care to the patients. Dr. Kim Health Care’s all-in-one plan is truly none like others.

Our Doctors

Dr. Jung Bum Kim BA, BS, DC

Clinic Director

Dr. Kong Hee Lee Lac, Phd

Director of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine

Bum S. Kim

Massage Therapist / Assitant clinic director