Greeting from Dr. Kim

Greetings, I am Jung Kim, the director of Dr. Kim Health Care.

The reason why, for the past 28 years, I treated patients centered around the musculoskeletal system, continued to study, and strived to work in the clinic is that I always felt lacking in front of patients. Therefore, I searched and read about various great treatments within the field of chiropractic. Lastly, I studied neurology in more depth through a three-year-long neurology fellowship.

In addition, I studied eight-constitution medicine as well as clinical nutrition to treat internal organs after experiencing cases of chronic lower back pain not being completely recovered despite various treatments. A few reasons why complete recovery is not obtained are: problems in the large intestines such as chronic diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome, or leaky gut syndrome; impairment of the functions of the kidney; and various functions of the internal organs.
There are still numerous illnesses and medical difficulties today even though modern medicine is well developed. Eight-constitution medicine can play a crucial role in answering these questions and be utilized for the pursuit of health.

Eight-constitution medicine views each human body to have unique physical characteristics depending on their innate constitution. Therefore, the causes of the same illness or symptoms are different depending on the constitution type, so for a fundamental treatment, the treatment must be customized according to the constitution. People do not have the same reaction to consuming the same food or supplements. This is due to the differences between innate constitutions.
Some food or supplements may show great outcomes for some people but may have bad effects on others. For example, we can see that certain diets work well on some people but don’t on others. If it is appropriate to the patient’s constitution, it will be beneficial, but if it is not harmonious with the constitution, the patient will not see a positive effect. For example, people with Pancreotonia constitution will develop headaches when they eat too many lemons and their body will develop allergies to apples if they eat too many apples. Especially, they will have diarrhea when they eat spicy food.

Not only food but having a lifestyle appropriate to your constitution will present you with a beneficial and healthy life.

At Dr. Kim Health Care, we strive to treat patients integratively in one place utilizing the eight-constitution medicine, chiropractic, chiropractic neurology, clinical nutrition, kinesiotherapy and physical therapy, and therapeutic massage.
Not only do I wish to continue to prevent and treat illnesses through Dr. Kim Health Care, but also I wish for a healthy life for all humanity.

Dr. Jung Kim DC from Atlanta, GA