Renotonia body type constitution is configured in a way in which the kidney is centralized and developed the strongest among other organs, thereby influencing the other organs to be in sync with the kidney. Out of the ten organs (five solid organs and five hollow organs), the Renotonia constitution embodies a strong kidney and a weak pancreas. In the case of Renotonia constitution, all diseases are acquired as a result of either of the two cases: 1) when the kidney becomes strengthened or 2) when the pancreas becomes weakened. As such, the strengthening and weakening of the kidney and the pancreas stimulate abnormality in other organs, causing them to malfunction.

Organ Configuration (from strongest to weakest):
Kidney >Lungs >Liver >Heart >Pancreas
5 > 4> 3 > 2 > 1 (Energy Magnitude)

Body Form and Tendencies:
An individual of Renotonia constitution embodies an elegant body silhouette consisting of wide shoulders and a thin/slim spine. With a character being detailed, organized, and skeptical (tends to not believe what others say), an individual of Renotonia is known to embrace peace with others (tends to not get angry with others). Due to the calm nature, a person of Renotonia constitution can tolerate stress even in the most difficult environment. Formality is an essential factor to those of the Renotonia constitution, meaning that they would rather work in an environment that is well-decorated (minimal pay) than a shabby environment (exceeding pay). In the case of social interactions, an individual of the Renotonia constitution tends to speak very formally and elegantly. Not only are people of Renotonia constitution peaceful but are also very patient, allowing them to work optimally in occupations that require extensive social interactions. When completing a task, one does so elegantly and done in an organized and perfect manner. When writing, one does so beautifully, accurately, and meticulously. Due to the excellent development of motor nerves, a person of Renotonia constitution performs marvelously in virtually all sports. When eating his or her food, one enjoys and eats very slowly.

Constitution Characteristics:
The Renotonia constitution is configured in a way that one must not sweat excessively (a person of this constitution does not sweat in his or her healthiest state, while sweating occurs when one is in a weak state). Due to this, swimming in cold water is recommended while going to the sauna is prohibited. For individuals of Renotonia and Vesicotonia constitutions, drinking alcohol moderately is good for the body as the alcohol serves to warm the internally cool body. A person of this constitution may experience health issues in the summer, so one must take precautions.

Optimal Foods (normalize the strengthened kidney):
Chicken, poultry, goat, egg yolk, ocean fish (with scales), beans, soybean, pea, kidney bean, peanut, almond, cashew nut, pistachios, walnut, pine nut, acorn, white rice, brown rice, sweet rice, African/Indian millet, corn, crushed rice, sesame oil, corn oil, canola oil, potato, sweet potato (yam), ginger, Chinese bellflower, taro, codonopsis, green vegetables (lettuce, cabbage, etc.), stems of radish, spinach, aster scaber, Allium tuberosum, tomato, peppers (green, red), scallion, onion, ginger, cinnamon, curry, garlic, seaweed, apple, clementine, orange, grapefruit, lemon, lime, mango, ginseng, red ginseng, honey, jujube, Japanese apricot, Vitamin B, ginger tea, jujube tea, Ssang Hwa tea, ginseng tea, warm drinking water, and acidic beverage.

* Potato: steaming potatoes or making potato salad will help strengthen the weakened pancreas and stomach intestines (potato massage optimal).
● Multigrain rice made of sweet rice, brown rice, corn, etc. will stimulate the functions of the weakened pancreas and stomach intestines (great for blood circulation as well).
● After childbirth, a person of Renotonia constitution is recommended to eat seaweed soup.
● Lettuce, radish, scallion, ginger, cinnamon, mustard, pepper, curry,etc. are very good for the weakened pancreas and stomach intestines (spinach optimal for the weak stomach intestines).
● Land meat: One must incorporate chicken as the primary meat as consuming too much beef will strengthen the lungs (lungs are configured as the second strongest organ for the Renotonia constitution).
● Vitamin B group: The symptoms that come from a deficiency of Vitamin B1 are anorexia, followed by fatigue, anxiety, and Thiamine deficiency (when the deficiency becomes severe). These are all symptoms that spring up as the result of the weakened functions in the pancreas. Among the diseases associated with the digestive system for the Renotonia and Vesicotonia constitutions, stomatitis, glossitis, ocular conjunctivitis, and vision impairment are of possibility with prolonged Vitamin B1 deficiency. Therefore, a lifelong consumption of Vitamin B1 group and Vitamin B2 group serves to be highly effective for people of Renotonia and Vesicotonia constitutions. In contrast, symptoms of hyperactivity may occur for those of Pancreotonia and Gastrotonia constitutions as they already retain a strong pancreas and stomach.

Harmful Foods (strengthen the kidney):
Pork, shellfish, oyster, shrimp, crab, ocean fish (w/o scales), swell fish, barley, Millet, root vegetables (radish, carrot, lotus root, burdock, etc.), Dioscoreaopposita, beet, cucumber, Shoot of a fatsia, strawberry, banana, pineapple, blueberry, persimmon, cranberry, Chinese matrimony vine, Reishi mushroom, Phellinus linteus (Aoshima), CornusOfficinalis, arrowroot, aloe, Vitamin E, soda, ice, alkaline beverage, cold drinking water, chrysanthemum tea, caffeinated drinks (coffee & tea), alcohol (beer, unfiltered Korean rice sake, & soju), and smoking.

● Barley, red bean, cucumber, pork, ice, beer, etc. serve to cool the stomach intestines and worsen the blood circulation for one’s body.
● Grain: Barley (barley rice, barley tea, beer, etc.) serves to cool and weaken the weak pancreas and stomach intestines. Red bean (red bean porridge, red bean shaved ice, red bean rice, etc.) is unsuitable for a person with Renotonia constitution.
● Vegetables: Cucumber serves to cool the weak pancreas and stomach intestines.
● Meat: Pork serves to cool and weaken the weak pancreas and stomach intestines.

Foods/Accessories that are harmful when consumed too much:
Beef, dairy products, butter, cheese, egg whites, majority of saltwater fish, freshwater fish, fermented soybean (natto), buckwheat, mung bean, flour, Job’s tears, oat, rye, perilla oil, soy oil, olive oil, grapeseed oil, bracken (fem), water dropwort, perilla leaf, bell pepper, pumpkin, zucchini, eggplant, avocado, mushrooms (matsutake, shiitake, oyster), sugar, pear, watermelon, melon, grapes, Campbell early, kiwi, pomegranate, papaya, peach, plum, cherry, apricot, antlers of the deer, root of Ranunculaceae, quince, yuzu, Schisandra Chinensis, Squalene, Vitamins (A, C, & D), Dextrose injection, Dextrose powder, green tea, adlay tea, quince tea, cocoa (chocolate), alcohol (whiskey, wine, vodka, sake, & soju), jade, and gold.

Optimal: Swimming (cold) & breathing exercise (inhaling)
Worst: Sauna, breathing exercise (exhaling), & sun tanning

Optimal Occupations:
A person of Renotonia constitution is an organized perfectionist, meaning that he or she considers all possibilities before coming to a final decision. Even when crossing a bridge, one would take the action of tapping the platform before crossing. Due to the introverted character trait, a person of the Renotonia constitution prefers office work and legal work rather than the speculative field of business. People of this constitution tend to struggle in business because of their overthinking and inability to accept others’ words easily. In contrast, people of the Renotonia constitution are excellent in organizing a business that is going out of business, taking care of it, and raising the business again. Additionally, people of the Renotonia constitution find themselves highly talented in popular literature and sports. Optimal occupations include celebrities, actors and actresses, department store employees, hotel workers, general office workers, and study workers.

Ideal Marriage Partner:
In the order of the most optimal to least optimal, the best fits for a marriage partner of an individual with Renotonia constitution are Pancreotonia, Cholecystonia, and Gastrotonia. Due to the energy magnitudes being optimally retained and complemented, an individual of the Renotonia constitution experiences the greatest comfort when being around an individual of the Pancreotonia constitution.

Optimal Colors:
Optimal colors for the Renotonia constitution are red and yellow colors, while black and blue colors are not well-suitable (while the red and yellow colors protect the weakened liver and kidney, blue and black colors strengthen the lungs).

Alcohol Use:
As a snack to drinking alcohol, chicken is recommended. Due to the nature of being cool internally, a person with the Renotonia constitution will benefit from drinking alcohol that warms the stomach (ginseng liquor and liquor made from sweet rice). However, beer serves to cool the body, leading to diarrhea and indigestion. Because of their meticulous nature, people of this constitution tend to drink very slowly and savor its taste. After drinking, one must avoid the sauna as it will drain the energy of an individual with this constitution.

People of this constitution experience weakening in the spring and summer seasons, but a great surge of energy during the fall and winter seasons. One cannot digest properly when eating too fast, so one must be careful and avoid cold foods that cool the body internally. Although a person with Renotonia experiences minimal sweating normally (tends to have cold feet and hands), one feels extremely exhausted when sweating excessively.

Habitual constipation: Usually once every 3 days, a person of this constitution will experience excretion of wastes (which is a very normal and painless condition that people of other constitutions cannot understand). A person of this constitution will not experience any pain or uneasiness even after excreting wastes for the first time in 7-8 days (though most of this constitution excrete wastes every 2 days, it is common that the duration is extended to 3-7 days).

Sunstroke: When young kids who sweat minimally in their armpits pass out after being exposed to intense sunlight in the summer, it is most likely that they are of Renotonia constitution. Although this condition is not a disease, it is a characteristic that proves that one is of Renotonia constitution.

Though people of this constitution retain the most sexual desire, it does not become noticed to others. When a person of this constitution is in a weakened state, one experiences a greater urge for sexual desires (during this stage, a person cannot eat well and the entire body appears dry). It is highly likely that people who experience cold allergies are of Renotonia constitution. Drinking extracts of jujube and Japanese apricot will be of great aid to one’s body.