The Cholecystonia constitution embodies the strongest gallbladder and the weakest large intestine, with the other organs being greatly influenced by the large intestine. Out of the 8 body type constitutions, this constitution embodies the shortest large intestine. All diseases are caused by either of the two circumstances: 1) when the gallbladder becomes strengthened, or 2) when the weak large intestine becomes weakened. The strengthening and weakening of the gallbladder and the large intestine influence other organs to function abnormally, leading to all types of diseases.

People of this constitution excrete wastes several times a day, in which they must excrete wastes from the morning to eat lunch comfortably as well as excrete wastes from lunch to eat dinner comfortably. Just because a person excretes waste multiple times a day does not indicate that his or her body is weak (rather, it means that a person is only excreting wastes built up in his or her stomach). Among individuals who appear healthy but frequently visit the restroom throughout the day, the majority are of the Cholecystonia constitution. The frequent visits to the bathroom are not because there is a concerning issue in one’s large intestine, but rather because one’s large intestine is much shorter than others (meaning that one must frequently excrete wastes). The most optimal remedy for a person of this constitution is maintaining a healthy large intestine. If the large intestine weakens, the gallbladder (which has an antagonistic relationship to the large intestine) strengthens, causing problems within other organs.

Organ Configuration (in order of the energy magnitude):
Gallbladder > Small Intestine > Stomach > Bladder > Large Intestine
5 > 4 > 3> 2 > 1 (Energy Magnitude)

Body Form and Characteristics:
Although one is impatient and feels the need to take care of things quickly, he or she tends to lack persistence. The personality of a person of this constitution is divided into either of the two cases: 1) extremely impatient (embodying a greater Earth element and resembling more of the Pancreotonia constitution), or 2) extremely slow (resembling more of the Hepatonia constitution). The two cases are the result of heredity (constitutions of the parents). Out of the 8 body type constitutions, the Cholecystonia constitution embodies the greatest survivability, meaning that one will be able to survive even if he or she is brought to an open field.

A child of the Cholecystonia constitution with parents of the Hepatonia and Vesicotonia constitutions will resemble a slow personality. In contrast, a child of the Cholecystonia constitution with parents of the Cholecystonia and Pancreotonia constitution will resemble a hot temperament (can be misdiagnosed as having the Pancreotonia constitution by observing how he or she interacts with others).

The downside to this constitution is that one possesses a strong desire for revenge, which he or she does not show upfront. Even when smiling, one may have thoughts for revenge at the back of his or her head. Therefore, a person of this constitution tends to seek revenge when the opportunity presents itself. The best solution is to know one’s unique body type constitution and fix the flaws evident from the characteristics of one’s body constitution.

The Cholecystonia constitution possesses strong energy to attract and collect. Therefore, this constitution is excellent for those who seek to raise their fortune/wealth. People of this constitution do marvelously in business as they possess excellent motivation (driving force) and social skills (ability to memorize others’ names).

A characteristic that is unique to the Cholecystonia constitution is that people of this constitution tend to surprise others via their presents or uplifting moods. Even after pointing out issues that must be fixed, a boss of the Cholecystonia constitution gives money for the employees to have a get-together.

People of this constitution tend to accept a challenge even if the success rate is only 10% and will start a business with nothing but a company telephone. Due to their high sensitivity and sensibility, people of this constitution will be greatly affected by the smallest criticism.

A person of this constitution tends to experience no problems with digestion and excrete wastes several times a day (even at a healthy state, one experiences distress around the stomach). The more a person of this constitution excretes wastes, the healthier he or she is. Taking a cold bath and especially swimming is extremely harmful to the body (doing so would increase the blood pressure, cause sneezing, and weaken the bronchial tubes). In contrast to a person of the Hepatonia constitution, sweating regularly is not a good sign for a person of the Cholecystonia constitution. Because this constitution embodies a higher chance for a person to become an alcoholic compared to other constitutions, one must abstain from drinking alcohol. Additionally, a person of this constitution will experience constipation after prolonged inactivity (not exercising).

When one’s body weakens, he or she will experience distress around the navel, chills, heaviness of the legs, and inability to sleep. When one experiences distress in his or her lower abdomen (caused by the regular consumption of green vegetables and seafood), symptoms such as heaviness of the legs, back pain, and constipation will occur. The reasoning behind depression, body chilling, and inability to sleep is due to the weakening of the large intestine. It is recommended that a person of this constitution adheres to consuming land meat as his or her primary diet. Additionally, one must constantly apply a stomach warmer to the lower abdomen. Due to the weak intestines, one must abstain from cleaning the intestines as doing so may cause shock. Because of their high bile production, people of this constitution tend to taste bitterness in their mouths after waking up in the morning. Generally, people of the Cholecystonia constitution embody a weaker right half for their bodies.

Optimal Foods and Things (strengthen the weak large intestine):
Beef, pork, milk, dairy products, butter, cheese, egg yolk, egg whites, freshwater fish, bean, soybean, pea, kidney bean, red bean, fermented soybean (natto), peanut, almond, cashew, pistachios, walnut, pine nut, acorn, white rice, African/Indian millet, corn, flour, Job’s tears, oat, perilla oil, soy oil, corn oil, canola oil, root vegetables (radish, carrot, lotus root, burdock, etc.), potato, sweet potato (yam), Dioscoreaopposita, beet, Chinese bellflower, taro, codonopsis, spinach, perilla leaf, pumpkin, eggplant, avocado, mushrooms (matsuke, shiitake, oyster, etc.), scallion, onion, ginger, cinnamon, mustard, curry, garlic, sugar, apple, pear, mango, watermelon, melon, antlers of the deer, Phellinus linteus (aoshima), yuzu, Schisandra chinensis, arrowroot, Vitamins (A, C, & D), caffeinated drinks (coffee & tea), ginger tea, adlay tea, warm drinking water, Alkaline beverage, gold, and jade.

● Aspirin is highly effective to a person of this constitution as it benefits one’s heart functions.
● All land meats (especially beef) are very beneficial to the body. These include chicken, poultry, goat, lamb, deer, duck, and also freshwater fishes such as freshwater eel and mudfish. Consuming such meats (instead of sashimi) will improve blood circulation and stabilize one’s nerves.
● In the case that a person of this constitution experiences gallstones, one could either limit consumption of land meats or consume lipolytic or protease enzymes as nutrients.
● Consuming multigrain rice (especially Job’s tears) made of white rice, beans, Job’s tears, and African/Indian millet is excellent for one’s health.
● Tofu and fermented soybean paste are beneficial to the body.
● Consuming foods that are pure flour is beneficial to one’s health. However, one must always consider the fact that the flour could be contaminated with antiseptic, pesticide, or radiation.
● Root vegetables (pumpkin, garlic, radish, Chinese bellflower, lotus root), mushrooms, perilla seeds, sugar, and bamboo salt are beneficial to the body.
● Garlic is beneficial as it strengthens the large intestine.
● An optimal diet (with no association to constipation or diarrhea) for a person of this constitution is grinding potatoes into a juice.
● Fruits (pear, watermelon, melon, etc.) and nuts (chestnut, pine nut, walnut, pistachios, & acorn) are beneficial to the body. Watermelons and melons are especially beneficial as they strengthen the weak and powerless large intestine.

Harmful Foods and Things (worsen the weak large intestines):
The majority of saltwater fish, shellfish, oyster, shrimp, crab, ocean fish (with scales), ocean fish (w/o scales), swell fish, grapeseed oil, Bracken (fem), cucumber, Campbell early, grapes, blueberry, persimmon, cranberry, ginseng, red ginseng, honey, jujube, Chinese matrimony vine, Root of Ranunculaceae, Reishi mushroom, quince, CornusOfficinalis, Dextrose injection, Dextrose powder, green tea, jujube tea, quince tea, ginseng tea, cold drinking water, Acidic beverage, ice water, soda, alcohol (beer, wine, sake, and soju, smoking, and cocoa (chocolate).

• Drinking alcohol and smoking is very harmful to the body. Alcohol especially serves to weaken the large intestine, so one must abstain from drinking.
• Consuming seafood and shellfish (abalone, mussel, clam, Manila clam, etc.) regularly will cause the liver to strengthen, worsening one’s blood circulation and causing skin diseases.
• Consuming foods made from 100% buckwheat (buckwheat noodles, buckwheat jelly, etc.) are extremely harmful to the body.
• All green vegetables and green beverages (especially those that contain a lot of chlorophyll) are harmful to the body (includes mugwort, cucumber, lettuce, kale, chives, green tea, green juice, etc.).
• When desiring to eat Kimchi, one must only consume Kimchi that has been heavily marinated with garlic.
• Enema therapy is harmful to this constitution that embodies a shortened large intestine (a person of the Cholecystonia constitution may especially experience shock).

Foods that are harmful when consumed too much:
Chicken, duck, goat, lamb, brown rice, sweet rice, barley, millet (SetariaItalica), mung bean, rye, sesame oil, olive oil, ginger, green vegetables (lettuce, cabbage, etc.), stems of radish, Aster scaber, water dropwort, Allium tuberosum, tomato, paprika, peppers (hot & spicy), seaweed, clementine, orange, grapefruit, lemon, lime, strawberry, banana, pineapple, kiwi, pomegranate, papaya, peach, plum, cherry, apricot, Japanese apricot, aloe, and Vitamins (B & E).

Optimal: Breathing exercise (inhaling), sauna, and exercises that require sweating.
Harmful: Swimming, cold bathing, breathing exercise (exhaling), and wearing accessories of silver.

Optimal Occupations:
While being highly active and serviceable, a person of this constitution is also impatient, highly sensible, and likely to be susceptible to alcoholism. When considering a job, one must avoid jobs that bring frequent emotional conflicts with others, jealousy, or criticism. This is because even if one hears the slightest criticism, he or she will experience emotional instability that eventually leads to insomnia, heaviness of the legs, and diarrhea. One must choose a job that does not incline alcohol consumption as this constitution embodies a high chance for one to become an alcoholic. Due to their characteristics of being extroverted, active, and serviceable, many individuals succeed in the field of education or mechanical engineering. It is a constitution that is suitable for any jobs except those that deal with wood and fire.

Tendencies in Sports:
People of this constitution are excellent ball handlers. Among basketball, soccer, and golf players whose arms extend to their knees, the majority are of the Cholecystonia constitution.

Optimal Marriage Partner:
The optimal marriage partner for a person of this constitution is listed in order from the most optimal: Colonotonia, Renotonia, and Vesicotonia. Due to the organ configuration, a person of Colonotonia constitution complements the energy of a person of the Cholecystonia constitution most perfectly.

Optimal Colors:
Optimal colors for this constitution are white and black colors, while blue and yellow colors are harmful to the body (they serve to strengthen the strong gallbladder).

Alcohol Use:
Drinking beer alone can cause diarrhea. Because this constitution embodies a highly sensitive and sensible characteristic, consuming alcohol can easily shift one’s emotion to one side and fall into alcoholism. Individuals may acquire irritable bowel syndrome if they expose their stomachs (therefore cooling the stomach) after consuming alcohol (due to their weak large intestines). One must avoid consuming cold liquor such as beer and must always warm his or her stomach after drinking. Like the Hepatonia constitution, the Cholecystonia constitution embodies a strong liver so one must abstain from drinking wine (instead, a liquor made from garlic is recommended). As a complementary side to alcohol, beef is highly beneficial. After excessive drinking, it is recommended that one visits the sauna.