Vesicotonia constitution is configured in a way in which the bladder is the strongest and the stomach is the weakest. Other organs revolve around the stomach, meaning that their functions are influenced by the changes in the stomach. Among the 5 solid and 5 hollow organs, the Vesicotonia constitution retains the strongest bladder and weakest stomach. All diseases occur as the result of either of the two circumstances: 1) when the weakened stomach worsens, or 2) when the strong bladder strengthens. As such, the weakening and strengthening of the stomach and the bladder cause other organs to function abnormally.

Organ Configuration (from the strongest to the weakest):
Bladder >Gall bladder >Small Intestine >Large Intestine >Stomach
5 > 4 > 3 > 2 > 1 (Energy magnitude)

Body Form and Characteristics:
A person of Vesicotonia constitution may resemble either a slim or thick body silhouette. People of this constitution are very meticulous, write beautifully, systematic, and organized. The Vesicotonia constitution is largely correlated to the Hepatonia constitution. Instances exist where a person is very slow or does not address the fact that he or she is healed from a disease.

For an individual with the Vesicotonia constitution, one must always digest properly to be in a healthy and disease-free state. Due to the close relationship between the health of a person of the Vesicotonia constitution and one’s ability to digest foods properly, one must stay away from consuming cold foods as they will expedite the cool stomach intestine (leading to diseases and neurotic disorders such as anxiety). A person of this constitution must eat minimally as even consuming the normal daily intake like others could lead to overconsumption. Surprisingly enough, all signs of potential diseases will be indicated from the uneasiness in one’s stomach. Consuming foods of barley and pork are very lethal to one’s body, therefore a person of this constitution must prohibit the consumption of such foods.

Pursuing exercises that limit the release of sweat such as swimming will be extremely helpful for one’s health. Although people of this constitution tend to mix water into their foods or have water on the side as a complement to their meal, such practice could lead to indigestion as people age (one must avoid foods that require drinking water during meal sessions).

Even the slightest sign of one’s health worsening can be experienced from the stomach intestine, in which the density of one’s wastes is soft (one will experience tremendous exhaustion after experiencing diarrhea). Even excreting wastes 2 to 3 times a day could feel tiring and painful. A person of this constitution must always consume foods that will heat the body internally while avoiding overconsumption and sweating (sauna is prohibited). Drinking alcohol moderately will serve to be of benefit for people of Vesicotonia and Renotonia constitutions.

Optimal Foods (strengthen the weakened stomach intestines):
Beef, chicken, poultry, lamb, goat, duck, butter, egg yolk, freshwater fish, bean, soybean, pea, kidney bean, fermented soybean (natto), peanut, almond, cashew, pistachios, walnut, pine nut, acorn, rice (white), brown rice, sweet rice, corn, flour, crushed rice, sesame oil, corn oil, canola oil, root vegetables (radish, carrot, lotus root, burdock, etc.), potato, sweet potato (yam), beet, ginger, Chinese bellflower, taro, codonopsis, spinach, Allium tuberosum, zucchini, tomato, peppers (spicy & hot), scallion, onion, cinnamon, mustard, curry, seaweed, apple, pear, clementine, orange, grapefruit, lemon, lime, mango, watermelon, melon, ginseng, red ginseng, honey, jujube, Japanese apricot, arrowroot, Vitamin B, ginger tea, jujube tea, Ssang Hwa tea, ginseng tea, warm drinking water, and acidic beverage.

* Multigrain rice made from sweet rice, brown rice, corn, etc. will not only strengthen the functions of the pancreas and stomach intestine but will also aid in blood circulation.
* Potato: Consuming steamed potatoes and potato salads will be of benefit to the weak stomach intestine.
* Seasonings: Scallion, ginger, garlic, mustard, pepper, cinnamon, curry, etc. are very beneficial to the weak stomach intestine.
*Fruits: Consuming tomatoes, apples, clementine, oranges, and mangos will benefit the body.
*Honey and ginseng (red ginseng) serve to protect and empower one’s health.
* Performing handstand regularly will be beneficial in alleviating symptoms of Gastroparesis and Gastroptosis.

Harmful Foods (worsen the weakened stomach intestine):
Pork, majority of saltwater fish, shellfish, oyster, shrimp, crab, ocean fish (w/o scales), swell fish, red bean, barley, buckwheat, Millet (SetariaItalica), rye, bracken (fem), cucumber, grapes, strawberry, banana, pineapple, blueberry, persimmon, cranberry, Chinese matrimony vine, Reishi mushroom, Phellinus linteus (Aoshima), Cornus officinalis, aloe, Vitamin E, Dextrose injection, Dextrose powder, caffeinated drinks (coffee & soda), quince tea, cold drinking water, Alkaline beverages, ice, soda, alcohol (beer, wine, unfiltered Korean rice sake, & soju), and smoking.

* Barley, red bean, cucumber, pork, ice, and beer worsen the weak stomach intestine by inhibiting blood circulation and cooling the stomach.
*Barley and pork are deadly to a person of this constitution.
* The enzyme within barley, diastase, is useful for only those who possess a weak digestive ability (diastase is harmful to the Vesicotonia constitution as it will drastically cool one’s stomach). Therefore, an infant of the Vesicotonia constitution experiences diarrhea from just drinking barley tea. Additionally, if an infant of this constitution drinks barley tea to stop his or her high fever, the tea can worsen the fever.
* Grain: Barley (barley rice, barley tea, beer, etc.) will worsen the cool and weak stomach intestine. Additionally, red beans are very harmful to one’s body.
* All cold beverages and foods (ice, ice cream, shaved ice, cold beverages, and cold water) are very lethal to one’s body.

Foods and accessories that are harmful when consumed too much:
Milk (warm), dairy products (warm), cheese, egg whites, ocean fish (with scales), African/Indian millet, mung bean, Job’s tears, oat, perilla oil, soy oil, olive oil, grapeseed oil, Dioscoreaopposita, green vegetables (lettuce, cabbage, etc.), stems of radish, aster scaber, water dropwort, perilla leaf, paprika, pumpkin, eggplant, avocado, mushrooms (matsutake, shiitake, oyster, etc.), seaweed, watermelon, melon, Campbell early, kiwi, pomegranate, papaya, peach, plum, cherry, apricot, antlers of the deer, Root of Ranunculaceae, quince, yuzu, Schisandra chinensis, Vitamins (A, C,& D), green tea, chrysanthemum tea, adlay tea, cocoa (chocolate), alcohol (whiskey, vodka, sake, & soju), and accessories of jade.

Activities and Accessories:
Optimal: Swimming (cold), breathing exercise (inhaling), occasional hiking (in dense forest), exercises that do not require excessive sweating, and wearing gold accessories.
Harmful: Sauna, suntanning, breathing exercise (exhaling), and wearing accessories of silver.

Optimal Occupations:
People of this constitution possess both the speculative (similar to that of Hepatonia constitution) and skeptical nature. A person of this constitution must consider his or her low digestibility and adaptability when choosing a job. One must not choose a job that feels too comfortable, quiet, or overworked. Additionally, a person of this constitution requires a fixed time and schedule to eat promptly. When choosing a job, one must consider occupations that embrace both the Vesicotonia and Hepatonia traits.

Ideal Marriage Partner:
An ideal marriage partner for a person of this constitution is listed in the order of the most optimal: Gastrotonia, Pancreotonia, and Pulmotonia. Although a partner of the Gastrotonia constitution is the most ideal, a partner of the Pancreotonia constitution will be easier to be paired up with due to the ratio of Gastrotonia individuals being extremely low.

Heredity (Incurable disease in children):
In the case that both parents are of Vesicotonia constitution, it is likely that the infant will acquire congenital hydrocephalus or lymphocytic leukemia.

Optimal Colors:
Optimal colors for people of this constitution are red and white colors, while black and blue colors are harmful (blue and black colors strengthen the bladder while worsening the weak stomach, leading to abnormality for other organs).

Alcohol Use:
One must stay away from drinking alcohol that fills the stomach. Even when drinking, one must consider his or her small stomach intestine (due to the small size, drinking alcohol such as beer that fills the stomach must be avoided). It is recommended that a person of this constitution drinks sake in minimal amounts. One must avoid drinking alcohol that contains ice as it will serve to cool the stomach intestine (one must also avoid eating cucumber as a snack). Due to the strong bladder, however, a person of this constitution tends to not feel the need to use the restroom for a long time. After drinking, it is recommended that one drinks honey tea or ginseng tea while avoiding the sauna (which will cause exhaustion due to the release of sweats). If one drinks alcohol when he or she is not feeling well, one must be careful as he or she may experience anxiety.

Gastroparesis and Gastroptosis are the two predominant diseases for the Vesicotonia constitution (this constitution has weak Gold and Earth elements).
Gastroptosis: A person of this constitution is born with a weak and small stomach. Due to this organ configuration, one could acquire Gastroptosis as he or she constantly overeats (the stomach becomes weaker and eventually helpless, leading to the stomach being sagged down). If one experiences constant sweating, diarrhea, and cooling of the lower stomach, it indicates a sign that the disease is worsening to a serious degree. All diseases likely originate from the right side of one’s body. People of this constitution tend to experience cold allergies and occasional constipation after eating large amounts of persimmon (cause indigestion).