Hepatonia constitution is configured in a way in which the liver is the strongest and the lungs are the weakest, meaning that the liver greatly influences the functions of other organs. Out of the 5 solid and 5 hollow organs, the liver is dominant as there are more organs that join the liver.

Organ Configuration (in order of energy magnitude):
Liver >Kidney >Heart >Pancreas >Lungs
5 > 4 > 3 > 2 > 1 (Energy Magnitude)

All diseases are caused by either of the two circumstances: 1) when the liver becomes strengthened, or 2) when the weak lungs become weakened. The strengthening and weakening of the liver and the lungs influence other organs to function abnormally, leading to all types of diseases.

Body Form and Characteristics:
In general, the appearance is well-structured and the body is large, but many peoplepossess a slim body silhouette as well. Similar to a snowman, a person of this constitution has narrow shoulders and large waists. People of the Hepatonia constitution tend to be less talkative.

Although the normal blood pressure is fixed at 120/80, the blood pressure in which a person of this constitution is in his or her best condition is slightly higher (this is where one is the healthiest and most motivated).

Out of the 8 body type constitutions, the Hepatonia constitution embodies the strongest driving force (motivation). Such relentless driving force can be seen even in nature, where the roots of a tree penetrate a stone and take root. For this reason, a large proportion of businesspeople are of the Hepatonia constitution. Their success takes root from their tendencies to utilize their momentum and be persistent throughout their entire business journey. People of this constitution are daring and ready to accept a challenge even if the success rate is only 10%.

A person of this constitution enjoysstrenuous exercises that require sweating because the heat collected in the liver becomes released, allowing one’s body to feel very light. The downside of this constitution is that one tends to be very reticent (not revealing one’s thoughts or feelings easily). From a positive perspective, one can be seen as being reserved and introverted. Even during a meeting, however, a person of this constitution does not engage in conversations and speaks very minimally towards the end of the meeting. People of the Hepatonia and Cholecystonia constitutions are very family-oriented, meaning that they feel a strong sense of responsibility for their families. Despite being very caring at home, one can be seen as intimidating due to his or her reserved personality.

Due to the tendency for people of this constitution to feel extremely exhausted after talking a lot, they often avoid conversations (this occurs because the lung possesses weak energy that further weakens after talking). So, when does a person of this constitution break out of his or her reserved personality? The answer is when he or she gets angry. This phenomenon occurs because the heat within the liver becomes consumed when a person of this constitution gets angry (which stimulates excitement to his or her body). For people of the Pulmotonia and Colonotonia constitution, however, releasing anger will worsen their health (as the heat trapped within their livers are relatively very minimal). The best remedy, then, is to retain their anger and sleep regularly.

People of the Hepatonia constitution tend to enjoy all types of food. They are gentle, reserved, excellent listeners, and slow talkers. Among individuals who sleep a lot, the majority are of the Hepatonia constitution (they possess strong Wood and Water elements). Individuals of this constitution especially enjoy foods that are made of flour and often feel timid when meeting others. Due to their tendency to sweat a lot and feel healthy after sweating, people of this constitution enjoy drinking water and alcohol (additionally, there are many cases where the soles of the shoes are black due to the excessive buildup of sweat). Numerous tone-deaf individuals cannot sing well due to their shortage of breath. Additionally, people of this constitution tend to not worry about complications and conflicts for too long.

It is very crucial for a person of this constitution to eliminate the heat trapped within his or her liver. The most optimal recommendation is to release sweat consistently, talk minimally (speaking softly in a low pitch), and abstain from drinking. A person of this constitution may experience fainting after speaking loudly and excessively during a lecture or speech. When people sleep with their hands on their chest and experience cold sweats, it is a sign that they are healthy.

A healthy person constantly sweats to a point that it is bothersome and does not sweat when he or she feels weak. Sweating when one’s body is in distress allows one to feel lighter and healthier. Just sweating makes one’s body healthy, so therefore one must take a hot bath even during the summer. If one pours cold water or cools off when he or she feels hot, one may acquire a skin rash or sun allergy.

There may be a case that sweating will be harmful to a person of the Hepatonia constitution, which occurs when one’s body condition is severely weak (in which sweating will exhaust the body). If a person of this constitution does not sweat and regularly consumes green vegetables and seafood, he or she will likely experienceweight gain. However, one will maintain an optimal weight by regularly consuming land meats such as beef and pork (a high protein diet is the most optimal for this constitution compared to all other constitutions). If a person of the Hepatonia constitution consumes a lot of vegetables and fish (rather than consuming meat), he or she will experience tiredness, sore eyes, and stiff feet. Additionally, one will gain brighter and lighter skin by consuming land meats and enjoying hot baths (in contrast, one will acquire darker shade color for his or her skin by consuming vegetables and seafood).

Optimal Foods and Things (normalize the strengthened liver):
Beef, chicken, duck, goat, lamb, milk, dairy products, butter, cheese, egg yolk, egg whites, freshwater fish, bean, soybean, pea, kidney bean, fermented soybean (natto), peanut, almond, cashew, pistachios, walnut, pine nut, acorn, white rice, sweet rice, brown rice, African/Indian millet, corn, flour, Job’s tears, crushed rice, oat, perilla oil, sesame oil, soy oil, corn oil, canola oil, root vegetables (radish, carrot, lotus root, burdock, etc.), potato, sweet potato (yam), beet, ginger, Chinese bellflower, taro, codonopsis, pumpkin, zucchini, eggplant, tomato, avocado, mushrooms (matsutake, shiitake, oyster, etc.), apple, pear, clementine, orange, grapefruit, lemon, lime, mango, watermelon, melon, ginseng, red ginseng, antlers of the deer, honey, jujube, Phellinus linteus (Aoshima), yuzu, Schisandra chinensis, arrowroot, Vitamins (A, C, & D), caffeinated drinks (coffee & tea), chrysanthemum tea, ginger tea, jujube tea, adlay tea, ginseng tea, warm drinking water, alkaline beverages, gold, and jade.

● All types of land meats (especially beef) are excellent in protecting the lungs. These include chicken, poultry, goat, lamb, deer, duck, and also freshwater fishes such as freshwater eel and mudfish. Consuming such meats (instead of sashimi) will improve blood circulation and stabilize one’s nerves. In the case that a person of this constitution experiences gallstones, one could either limit consumption of land meats or consume lipolytic or protease enzymes as nutrients.
● Consuming milk is very beneficial (if one has an upset stomach after drinking milk, it may be due to preservatives, abnormality in the gallbladder, or the lack of enzymes that break down lactose).
● Consuming multigrain rice made of white rice, beans, and African/Indian millet is excellent for one’s health.
● Consuming foods that are pure flour is beneficial to one’s health. However, one must always consider the fact that the flour could be contaminated with antiseptic, pesticide, or radiation.
● Drinking tea brewed with sliced pear is excellent in curing one’s cold symptoms.
● Dried kelp is beneficial to one’s health.
● Vitamin A & D (livers of animals, butter, etc.) are very beneficial.
● When Vitamin A is deficient, one experiences nyctalopia, dry eye syndrome, a respiratory mucosal abnormality, and abnormal genital function. A deficiency in Vitamin D (anti-thiamine deficiency) has a close relationship to parathyroid. These deficiencies of Vitamin A and D will bring forth diseases caused by a decrease in lung function (delayed bone growth, a respiratory mucosal abnormality, rickets, thyroid abnormality, etc.) and diseases caused by an increase in liver function (dry eye syndrome, nyctalopia, etc.). Therefore, Vitamins A and D (optimal vitamins for this constitution that embody a weak lung function and a strong liver function) are excellent vitamins for patients with deficiencies. Additionally, prolonged and consistent consumption of these vitamins will only serve to benefit the body and will not cause hyperactivity.
● Although coffee is relatively good for people of this constitution, one must avoidconsuming coffee if his or her blood pressure is low.
● Bamboo salt: Excellent detergent for dermatitis and rhinitis.

Harmful Foods and Things (strengthen the liver):
The majority of saltwater fish, shellfish, oyster, shrimp, crab, ocean fish (with scales), ocean fish (w/o scales), swell fish, red bean, buckwheat, grapeseed oil, green vegetables (lettuce, cabbage, etc.), Bracken (fem), cucumber, aster scaber, leaves of water dropwort, Campbell early, grapes, blueberry, persimmon, cranberry, Chinese matrimony vine, Reishi mushroom, quince, CornusOfficinalis, Aloe, Vitamin E, Dextrose injection, Dextrose powder, green tea, quince tea, cold drinking water, acidic beverage, ice, soda, smoking, cocoa (chocolate), alcohol (beer, wine, unfiltered Korean rice sake, sake, & soju), and silver.

● Consuming alcohol and smoking is very harmful (alcohol leads to heat collection in the liver).
● Because all types of shellfish strengthen the large intestine, inhibit blood circulation, and lead to skin diseases, one must refrain from consuming such foods.
● Always refrain from consuming sashimi (especially mackerel, Pacific saury, and tuna) as it could be a cause of purulent acne.
● Side effects from consuming mackerel are experienced mostly by people of this constitution (sometimes, people of Pancreotonia may experience hives).
● All green vegetables (especially those that retain a lot of chlorophyll) and beverages such as mugwort, cucumber, cucumber juice, lettuce, green tea, green juice, and kale are very harmful.
● When desiring to eat Kimchi, one must only consume Kimchi that has been heavily marinated with garlic.
● Accessories made of silver are harmful to one’s health.
● Cocoa (chocolate) is very harmful.
● Dextrose injection is like poison to an individual of this constitution.

Foods that are harmful when consumed too much:
Pork, barley, millet (SetariaItalica), mung bean, rye, olive oil, stems of water dropwort, Shoot of a fatsia, peppers (spicy & hot), seaweed, perilla leaf, spinach, Allium tuberosum, strawberry, banana, pineapple, kiwi, pomegranate, papaya, peach, plum, cherry, apricot, Root of Ranunculaceae, Japanese apricot, Vitamin B, Ssang Hwa tea, and alcohol (whiskey & vodka).

Optimal: Jogging, hiking (in dense forest), fast walking, golf, upper body exercises, breathing exercise (inhaling), exercises that require sweating, sauna, and suntanning.
Harmful: Swimming (if in the case where swimming cannot be avoided, immediately let out the sweat in the sauna).

Optimal Occupations:
Although a person of this constitution is kind and can easily forgive others, there may be a tendency of lacking determination (this constitution lacks in the Gold element). People of this constitution do not like arguments and prefer to work in a wide-open space as doing so will benefit the weak lungs from claustrophobia or suffocation. People of this constitution tend to act spontaneously than planning, and they are rather more adaptive than creative. Therefore, many people of this constitution run their own business in which the majority are successful. Optimal occupations involve adventurous and adaptable jobs such as investment business, mechanical engineering, and politics. On the other hand, jobs such as artists or cooks that require careful consideration, calculation, and social activities cause inefficiency and fatigue to people of this constitution. However, these are universal characteristics of the Hepatonia constitution that could be specially overridden by personal circumstances, academics, and upbringings.

Ideal Marriage Partner:
The constitutions of an ideal marriage partner are listed in the order of the most optimal: Pulmotonia, Gastrotonia, and Pancreotonia. Due to the organ configuration, a person of Pulmotonia constitution complements the energy of a person of Hepatonia constitution most perfectly.

Heredity (Incurable Disease in Children):
In the case that the parents of a child are both of Hepatonia constitution, the child will likely be handicapped or acquire cerebral palsy.

Optimal Colors:
Optimal colors for this constitution are white and red colors, while blue, black, and gray colors are harmful. It is important to consider that if the room walls of a child with Hepatonia constitution are painted in blue colors, the child will experience a strengthening of his or her liver (therefore, one must take precaution).

Alcohol Use:
Due to their strong liver, people of the Hepatonia constitution are excellent eaters and drinkers of alcohol. The liver is highly functional, so it is easy to suffer from diseases related to the liver. It is also the constitution that fatty liver is most likely to occur when one drinks alcohol.

Drinking wine is very harmful as doing so will further stimulate the high functionality in the liver (consuming fish as a complementary side is detrimental to the body). Other types of alcohol are relatively suitable, and it is recommended to consume beef as a complementary side. Because alcohol is detrimental for all body type constitutions, one must take precautions and drink minimally.

After excessively drinking, it is recommended that one visits the sauna to release sweat. Arrowroot juice, Deodeok Sul, and garlic liquor are medicinal liquors that are very beneficial to an individual of the Hepatonia constitution. Because this constitution becomes strengthened after meat consumption, one must abstain from consuming vegetables (due to elevation in the liver function, one may either become a drunkard or experience redness after consuming a sip of alcohol).

For the Hepatonia constitution, blood pressure slightly above the normal rating is of a healthy state. This constitution naturally embodies high blood pressure, so it is normal to have a blood pressure slightly above normal. Due to the lack of awareness, people attempt to lower their blood pressure by consuming vegetables and seafood (which is not only harmful to the body but also symptoms such as fatigue and hallucinations will occur). Therefore, one must rather consume land meat and pursue hot baths regularly.

If one enjoys consuming vegetables and seafood as his or her primary diet (while avoiding the consumption of meat), he or she may experience fatigue, auditory hallucination, paranoia, and megalomania (despite appearing as normal and healthy to others). With clear consciousness and no impediment to thinking, these disorders are eventually treated as mental illnesses.

A person of the Hepatonia constitution may acquire Vasomotor rhinitis (abnormal vasomotor action of the nasal mucosa) and constantly experience nosebleeds as a result of consuming vegetables regularly instead of meat (consuming vegetables worsens the weakened liver functions). For an individual of the Hepatonia constitution with low blood pressure, he or she may experience neuralgia as a result of poor postpartum care.

The tendency of stroke: Stroke that results from the clogging of the blood vessels (which occurs when a person of high blood pressure experiences his or her blood pressure drastically dropping) is common within this constitution. In the case that a stroke occurs because a blood vessel in the brain is clogged, the clogged blood vessel on the left side of the brain will cause the right half of the body to be paralyzed. Because of the blood vessels being thicker than those of the other constitutions, a person of the Hepatonia constitution tends to not acquire hemorrhagic stroke (rather, the Hepatonia constitution experiences frequent cerebral infarction). In the case that hemorrhagic stroke occurs, the reasoning is due to the weakening of the blood vessels from consuming vegetables as the primary diet (a person experiences an elevation of blood pressure from the contracting of blood vessels during exercise, sneezing, and excreting wastes). Constipation tends to occur as the result of the weak large intestines, in which the wastes are initially thick/chunky and soft towards the end.