When I first went to Dr. Kim I had many problems. I had sciatic nerve pain, night sweats, fatigue, low energy, a sore back, sore joints, mucus, a stopped up nose, anxiety, mild depression, a sore throat, hair loss, and cankers inside my mouth. Now everything is better, and I feel great. We are still working on my skin, and every discipline seems to agree that skin takes the longest to heal. But he has already helped me to have more hair on my head than I have in years. During the first couple of treatments, he said he wanted to help how I felt and my mood. It worked very well. I felt the happiest and most stress-free I had felt in months. And that lasted until my subsequent treatment three days later. He then alternated between treating my internal state and my skin. The progress has been astounding. After seeing him for a few weeks (with a week in between for me to drive back to my home state and then come back), I feel fantastic. I’m able to do more physical activities again, and my throat has not been sore since the first week; my nose cleared up, my back and joints do not ache or hurt, the cankers sores in my mouth are gone, and I feel much more calm and have barely any anxiety if at all. I had been to an 8 Constitutional Medicine doctor before, and it helped. I was pretty diligent at following the diet for my type for some years, but then last year I began to cheat more and more. Seeing Dr. Kim got me back on track. He recommended that I get a juicer and make the juice that is right for my body type. I very highly recommend seeing Dr. Kim. Even if you don’t have any serious issues, getting diagnosed with your type can work wonders in preventing negative health issues in the future. And that also means saving a lot of money as it costs far less to get diagnosed and eat right and face far less consequences in the future. Dr. Kim is very affordable and caring and takes the time to explain the how and why of the issues at hand and the theory behind them. I’m very grateful to Dr. Kim and will see him in the future as needed.