Ashville, NC
I had some problem with my ear for couples of years. One day, I just covered my right ear because it was bothering me. That’s when I found out that I could not hear. I immediately went to see a doctor and diagnosed with hearing impairment. I got second opinions, too. They all said there isn’t much to be done. So I lived without getting any treatment. As I got older, I was recommended to use a hearing aid. In desperation, I sought oriental medicine. I was told that it could be cured by acupuncture. I started my treatments and felt like I could hear faintly. I had hope. However, I had to come back to USA. My daily schedule was very hectic and stressful. I had ringing in my ears and got worse every day. Eventually, my right side of my face got numb. I couldn’t sleep nor hear due to pain and ringing in my ear. I was stressed more than ever. At the same time, my sister-in-law who had esophageal inflammation told me that she got treated from Nuga Hospital. She is doing just fine. Although Nuga Hopital was far away from my house, I decided to visit anyway. Dr. Kim diagnosed me and assured me that he could cure my ear, so I gave it a try. He said that there are numerous people who suffer from this, but it is almost impossible to cure with western medicine. First month passed without any noticeable improvement. During the second month, the ringing in my ear started to get lessen and numbness of my right side of my face also got better. After the fourth month, ringing in my ear got so much better. Meanwhile, I only had to urinate 5 times a day compared to 10 times a day before the treatment. I could actually start to hear. I believe that everyone could heal from any kind of illness if you see Dr. Kim. He has great methods. Thank you.