one of the best experiences I've ever had. After my miserable car accident, I suffered many months from neck, shoulder, headache, lower back pain. real suffer.. there was some days where I couldn't sleep for straight 2-3 days. I tried different chiropractic and pain medicine, but non of them really helped to reduce my symptoms. However Dr. Kim was different. He was so enthusiastic to find the cause of the core problems. He's abundant knowledge of chiropractic, traditional acupuncture, 8 constitution medicine helped me to get rid of the pain so fast. Man.... This guys is doing an art ! My quality of life increased so much ! I love Dr. Kim. I love Dr. Lee. I love Mr. Bum I love every staffs in Dr. Kim Healthcare. 5/5? no it's 7/5 because they do extra good.
Administrator Answer
Haha we can recognize who you are sir ! Thank you so much for the kind review 🙂